Super Bowl Equals Super Commercials

The dirty truth about the Super Bowl is that more than half the audience watches for the commercials. The commercials have become as important as what teams are playing each other. Super Bowl commercials have become a huge deal, and buying airtime is hugely expensive. A 30 second spot can cost millions to air.  This is ironic considering we’re in the age of DVR recording when most people skip over the commercials while watching their favorite shows. Since I work in advertising as a Copywriter I actually do watch commercials for the most part. And on Super Bowl Sunday I usually care more about what happens when the game goes on break.

So here are some of my favorites…

Taco Bell/Viva Young – Old people getting into hijinks is always a winner. Note: It took me most of the spot to recognize the “We Are Young” song, which permeated the radio last summer.

Best Buy/Amy Poehler – Along with making her a permanent host of any award show, Amy should also be in every commercial possible. She’s simply awesome. Love the “50 Shades of Grey” line.

Doritos Fashionista – Nothing funnier than men dressing up in women’s clothing. Just ask Tom Hanks.

Plus, is it my imagination or are the guys in the Fashionista spot the reunited cast of “Nerds”?

Hyundai Sonato Turbo/Stuck – I need this when I get stuck behind the 2,000 bike riders clogging up the 2-lane Old Cutler Road when I’m trying to get to church on Sunday morning.

Coke Chase – These are all serious rip offs of movies from Mad Maxx to Lawrence of Arabia to Priscilla Queen of the Desert, but still funny. Love the purple glitter cannon from the queens.

Budweiser Clydesdale Foal – I dare you to watch this and NOT cry.  No really, I dare you.  The kicker is the song.

So….what was your favorite commercial?



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2 responses to “Super Bowl Equals Super Commercials

  1. Annette Gallant

    My favourite was the Doritos Fashionista Daddy one. It actually made me laugh out loud. The Amy Poehler one was a close second.

  2. Loved your article. My favorite was the Doritos screaming goat and the close second is the whisper fight for Oreo.

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