Simply Why…

Welcome to my new blog series called simply…WHY?

As in…

Why…is the sky blue?

No, not those kinds of “whys” (although maybe sometimes if I think the “why” might be interesting, lol)

No, it’s simply questions I ask myself that I’m sure (or hope) others have wondered about too. Or things they’ve complained about.

Burning questions like…

Why…do the Kardashians continue to show up everywhere I look?

Why…does Charlie Sheen continue to get hired?


So for my very first “WHY” post related to the Summer Olympics.

WHY…did they get rid of “10s” in gymnastics?

No seriously.  Why?  I hate the new scoring system.  I have no idea what the scores mean. Does anyone know? A 16.971 sounds great, but it might be bad. Then there are the little colored arrows and squares.  I need 10s.  I understand 10s.  Everyone understands 10s.  When someone asks you, “On a scale of 1 to 10…”  You know that a 2 is BAD but a 10 is GREAT!  I understand that a 7.5 isn’t really bad, but not great.

This new system is so confusing.  Are we NOT supposed to know what the scores mean?  I know that any event that has judges and gives out scores always has some sort of “suspect” tag.  Maybe it’s a holdover from the Cold War days when it was glaringly obvious that the judging was crap.  Like when the Eastern European block of judges (Soviet Union et al) always gave their competitors higher scores than the ones from the Western block (i.e. US) (and vice versa to be fair).  Or when ice skating judges took bribes to give certain competitors higher scores (hello France??)  So the governing bodies tried to make it all fair by instituting these complicated scoring systems that require a Ph.D. from MIT to decipher.

Not only is it confusing, I think it also has had unintended consequences.  Because here is what I understand.  I understand that we will probably never have another “Perfect 10” gymnastics routine again.  It simply doesn’t exist anymore.  Just last week American McKayla Maroney had an amazing vault that the TV commentary folks said was as perfect as they’d seen.  And yet she must have blinked wrong or exhaled at the wrong time b/c the judges still found a way to take points off.

Can you imagine a world where there is no perfect routine?  Just think how the whole history of gymnastics would have fared if there had never been 10s.  There would be no Nadia Comaneci b/c she would never have gotten all 10s.  There would be no Mary Lou Retton getting 2 perfect 10s on vault to win the gold medal. Would Carrie’s Strug’s bravery to clinch gold for team USA in 96’ have seemed as fairy-tale like if she’s gotten a 15.0976 on that second vault?

Somehow I don’t think so.  I say bring back 10s!


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  1. Really? They got rid of 10s? That’s just crazy talk. What are they thinking? I agree with you.

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