Anthony Weiner and Twitter…Ooops

Poor Anthony Weiner. Apparently not realizing that sending dirty pictures of oneself over Twitter could possibly fall into the wrong hands.  This is a U.S. Congressman.  A man who’s supposed to be trusted to make laws.  Someone whose life calling is telling the rest of us how we should live.  And yet it never occurred to him that putting pictures of his…er…weenie…into cyberspace would have no consequences.  Now that’s the kind of guy I’d want representing my district.

Getting Serious For A Moment

Rep. Weiner isn’t the first powerful man to be embroiled in this kind of scandal, and he won’t be the last.  He joins an infamous club that’s already populated by a good number of other fellow weenies.  It makes me wonder about the kind of people who do this sort of thing. I know that at the core, it’s our sinful natures that cause all humans to do stupid, destructive & hurtful things.  To risk everything for an illicit lure. I know that cheating isn’t the exclusive realm of rich, powerful men.  There are plenty of “Joe Shmoes” who do the same thing.  For that matter there are plenty of “Jane Shmoes” who could join the club.  But it does seem like this “rich, powerful man” class of cheaters are especially prone to this kind of mischief. I can only think that the very traits that made them rich and powerful to begin with, make them think they can get away with such behavior.  Or perhaps be so caught up in their own “specialness” that they think they’re entitled to take their pleasure and never face consequences.  Plus, they always seem to be surrounded by a bunch of sycophants who help cover up their dirty deeds. 

Aaaaaand Back To Making Fun

Then you realize all that power, that confidence…and yes…that arrogance…doesn’t make them “that smart”.  In fact, it seems to make them even dumber.  Especially Anthony Weiner. Twitter?  Really?  The “www” tacked onto the beginning of web addresses actually means something.  So no thought that the WORLD WIDE WEB is just that…world wide?  No thought that the woman (correction womEn) could be media hoes who want their 15-minutes of fame? I Googled Congressman Weiner and found out he’s on the Subcommittee on Oversight & Investigations and the Subcommittee on Health. How appropriate.  It was an “oversight” on his part not to know that everything posted to internet STAYS on the internet…forever.  This isn’t Vegas.  And there may be some real mental health problems going on if he gets his thrills from “twittering” his unmentionables to women he doesn’t know.   

In looking at the Congressman’s website, I noticed an awesome double entendre called The Weiner Report.  I assume it’s actually a totally serious account of what he’s been up to in Congress, but that name is…just…so…perfect!  And, holy cow, can you imagine the report for the last couple weeks?  Ye gads! 

And that leads me to a new blog tradition.  I am so amazed and stupefied by Congressman Anthony Weiner’s “duhhh” moment that I am instituting…The Weiner Awards.  This special award will be bestowed at my discretion to any deserving individual (man or woman) who exhibits exceptionally stupid “duhhh” behavior…in other words Big Weenies. 

The very first Weiner Award goes to the Mr. Weenie himself.  I am also rewarding posthumous awards to the following…

Governor Weenie

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Infamous for impregnating his wife AND his housekeeper at the same time.  Somehow he managed to hide the extra child for 10 years.



Golfing Weenie


Tiger Woods – Infamous for apparently sticking his club anywhere he wanted with a variety of women. Managed to hide it for years, until the wife took a golf club to his head.

Presidential Hopeful Weenie


John Edwards – Infamous for being a giant douche by cheating on cancer-stricken wife. While running for President of the United States, no less.  Had a baby with the other woman, though he firmly denied it until a DNA test confirmed that…yes…he really was a Giant Douchebag.


Actor Weenie


Charlie Sheen – Infamous for a lifetime of destructive, asinine, wacked-out behavior, including drugs, alcohol, gross women & excess partying.  Also for being generally crazy and having an ego as big as a semi.

Stay tuned for the next Weiner Award. You never know when someone will do something “duhh” enough to earn it.



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12 responses to “Anthony Weiner and Twitter…Ooops

  1. Great blog.
    Yes he does deserve the first award, but I’m afraid more will soon follow.
    Enjoyed your comments and insights.

  2. OHHHHHH, I can’t wait for your next blog bestowing THE award. This was one of the funniest blogs I’ve ever read and so appropro for today. Sad, but hysterical in another sense. Kudos to you for writing it.

  3. LOL, Kristin! Hilarious, but all too true. What makes me crazy is that these men have what so many others would give their right arm to have. Money. Power. Amazing careers. Opportunities. Freedom to travel or do whatever. And yes, beautiful wives. Beautiful children. And for some mind-boggling , infuriating reason, all that isn’t enough for them! I don’t get it, and I never will. But I will be on the edge of my seat looking forward to the next round of Weiner Awards!

  4. Loved this! Isn’t his name just fitting for such a reward? And you added the other top four that I think are weiner award material. Thanks for the laugh!

  5. Love this blog, Kristin! The man is living up ( or is it down?) to his name. Anita

  6. Oh no doubt. There is no shortage of weenies out there.

  7. Thanks Patti. I admit I made myself chuckle a little. There’s just too much irony going on with this whole story.

  8. Too funny.

    What scares me he gets the same vote in congress as other and more responsible congresspersons.

    Can’t wait for more Weiner Awards.


  9. Great post, Kristin.

    One after another, we hear about these Weiners in public office. I have a feeling you won’t soon be without candidates for your awards – and I look forward to each and every one.

    Funny thing is, though, until news came out that Weiner had an online relationship with a high-school girl, I seriously believe he would have been voted in as mayor of NY. He was priming the city for his campaign and, sadly, even with this scandal – before the under-aged girl – he seemed to be the best candidate. It’s a scary thought but that’s the state of our union right now.

    Great post. Looking forward to more

  10. LOL, I like the Weenie Awards! Oh so many recipients to choose from!!! I guess AW found a sure-fire way to get his name out there! NOT what you want to be famous for.

  11. You made me laugh. I’m sorry I didn’t find this sooner.

  12. Thanks Catie. Glad you enjoyed. This was a fun one to write.

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